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Meredith Patenaude: Co-Director of Dancer Relations

Meet Meredith Patenaude

Year: Senior

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Claim to Fame: Co-Director of Dancer Relations, HuskyTHON Management Team

How did you first become involved in HuskyTHON?

I got involved with HuskyTHON as a freshman – many of the girls in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, told me it was the best weekend of the semester and that I had to experience the magic of the event for myself. I was still a little unsure of how the event worked so I signed up to be a volunteer and actually just never left after my three hour shift ended. I was loving it and stayed until the big reveal the next day! 

What inspired you to apply to be on the Management Team? And specifically what about the role of Co-Director of Dancer Relations?

I wanted to apply to be on the Management Team because I got more and more involved with HuskyTHON each year. I started as a Volunteer, then I was a Dancer and progressed to Morale Captain my junior year. It only seemed logical to apply for Management after that! Many of my favorite UConn memories come from HuskyTHON and I knew I wanted to be as involved as possible during my last year in college. I was inspired to apply for the position of Co-Director of Dancer Relations because I really liked the fact that we get to work hands on with the Dancer Representatives from every single team and really play a key role in the communication process.

What are your responsibilities as Co-Director of Dancer Relations?

Some of my responsibilities include answering A LOT of emails, running weekly Dancer Representative meetings, helping with all things related to recruitment, contacting student organizations all over campus and working with all of the different focus groups on the Management Team to ensure that all pertinent information is being relayed to Dancer Reps and Dancers! 

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of planning the event and HuskyTHON itself?

I think one of the most challenging parts of planning HuskyTHON is the time commitment. This is a full time job. All we do is eat, sleep, and breathe HuskyTHON. Many of us on the Management Team have actually adopted the slogan FTK > GPA. HuskyTHON takes priority over everything else, so sometimes we find ourselves spread a little thin, but it’s all going to be worth it. The night of is our reward. It’s a celebration of all the hard work and effort people have put in over the course of a year to make miracles happen. We have incredibly dedicated Management Team members and super passionate Dancer Reps and I know that this year will be the best HuskyTHON yet!

What are some of your favorite HuskyTHON memories?

My favorite HuskyTHON memory was definitely being part of the Morale Tunnel when I was a Morale Captain. It was the best feeling being able to welcome in not only the teams of dancers, but more importantly our VIPs, the HuskyTHON Children and their families! Seeing the kids walk into the field house with their Dancer Reps by their sides actually brought tears to my eyes. They are just so happy! They have the biggest smiles on their faces, many of them are giving out high fives as they make their way to the stage and they are loving every minute of it. Cheering them on just fills your heart. In that moment they aren’t sick, they aren’t patients, they’re just kids having fun and it’s a beautiful thing.

What can participants look forward to at this year’s HuskyTHON?

Participants have a lot to look forward to at HuskyTHON 2015! Obviously the Morale Dance will be done every hour at the top of the hour. We will also have some families come up and speak about their experience with CT Children’s which is a great reminder as to why we dance and why we take the pledge to stay standing for 18 hours. In terms of entertainment we will have inflatables, laser tag, a mechanical bull, zumba, a hypnotist and countless other activities! Not mention our theme hours – for example rave hour, pajama hour, Disney hour, etc so bring some fun changes of clothes and a positive attitude because it’s going to be a great night!

How do you hope to stay involved with HuskyTHON after graduation?

I know I’ll stay involved with HuskyTHON long after I graduate. Depending on where I’m located next year I’d love to come back and dance as part of the Alumni team! If I’m unable to travel I still fully plan on donating to the future Co – Directors of Dancer Relations and supporting any of my sorority sisters who participate in HuskyTHON 2016.

Photographs courtesy of Meredith Patenaude, Kelley Huber.

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