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Meet Sarah Paduano: HuskyTHON’s VP of Communications

Meet Sarah, the HuskyTHON Vice President of Communications here at UConn.  She is a 21-year old senior and is wrapping up her Communication and Political Science double major.

Sarah has participated in HuskyTHON for the past three years with this marathon marking her fourth and final fundraiser.  Her first two years she was a dancer, last year a dancer representative, and this final year a crucial part of the management team.

Her position on the management team includes a lot of hard work as the face of HuskyTHON to the public and media.  She creates all social media campaigns, shoots and edits promotional videos, secures news coverage for all related events, oversees graphic designs of apparel and the website and pretty much takes care of anything else one may see around campus related to HuskyTHON.

This year in particular Sarah can’t wait to break more records.  This goal is constant for every event and she says, “It is such a rush to see the final fundraising total announced!” 

Her favorite part about HuskyTHON is seeing the look on the kids from CT Children’s faces the night of the fundraiser.  She remembers kids at the hospital saying HuskyTHON is their favorite part of the year and being a part of this provides a priceless feeling.

Sarah’s most memorable moment thus far has been working directly with one of the HuskyTHON kids and her family last year as a dancer representative.  She got to have dinner with her team’s child Charlotte and her family, as well as buy her a gift basket and show her around the event. 

Sarah says her tip to any newcomers is to keep participating every year.  The marathon is the second largest fundraiser for CT Children’s Medical Center and everybody that participates makes a difference.  She says it is the most rewarding thing you can do as a UConn Husky.

She has raised her goal of $600 but with a few days left hopes to hit $1000 #FTK.

Sarah wouldn’t divulge any details about surprises we could expect from this year’s HuskyTHON but said we should all make sure to come out this weekend to find out.

Be sure to join the magic this coming Saturday and maybe you’ll spot Sarah in action in her final year.





All photos courtesy of Sarah Paduano

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