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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Name: Sonia Ferre 

Hometown: Newton, MA

Major: Nursing 

What is your favorite part about first joining a sorority? 

My favorite part about first joining a sorority had to be the excitement of Bid Day and initiation and have a hundred and something new friends and sisters. Now my favorite part is being able to tell people that I am part of an organization of more than 100 women who all stand for the same values of being loyal, honest, supportive, boss women. Being part of a sorority has been a great source of meeting lifetime friends for me. It has made me branch out and come out of my comfort zone and try new leadership positions I would have never done alone. It taught me a lot about myself and the potential I have. I have seen improvement in myself and that is all because my sisters have encouraged me to take strides and try new things and I could not have done any of it without the support of my Alpha Phi sisters. This organization goes back many years, and to be part of it and share it with thousands of women in an international level is a privilege. It’s honestly emotional for me to express how grateful I am but it’s bigger than just me. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your philanthropy? 

Alpha Phis philanthropy is focused on women’s heart health. The mission statement we follow is that Alpha Phi is “Advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy.” Alpha Phi is one of the first women’s fraternities to have its own foundation. We contribute to our philanthropy through our philanthropic event known on campus as Phifa and our huge Red Dress Gala which we host every year. 

What made you want to take on the position of president? 

I took the position as President because I told myself that it’s a once in a lifetime experience. I did it fully out of impulse but something inside me told me I was capable of doing it. I have had experience with being captains of sports teams and that might have been why I think I was encouraged to do it. But now looking back, I am so proud of myself and am so grateful to be President. 

Why UConn? 

I chose UConn because it was the perfect distance from home. I also got into UConn ‘s nursing program which was a huge reason why I choose to come here. I am originally from Newton MA so I am an out of state student. So actually joining Alpha Phi has helped me tremendously because I knew about 2 out of 19,000 students on campus and becoming part of alpha phi made me feel recognized and at home. 

Other than Alpha Phi, what else are you involved in on campus? 

I was involved in The Big Brother, Big Sister program on campus, I was part of a learning community during my freshmen year and I am part of the student nurses association. 


Find more of Sonia on her personal Instagram (@ferre_sonia) and here sororities Instagram account (@alphaphiuconn)!

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