Meet HC UConn Member, Caroline DiOrio


  • Name: Caroline DiOrio 
  • Major: Communication
  • Minor: International Studies 
  • Year: Sophomore 
  • Hometown: Peabody, MA


Q: Why did you choose UConn?

CD: I chose UConn because originally I was a Pre-Sports Management major and decided to come here for the sports program. I also wanted to go somewhere out of state, because I thought being out of my comfort zone and living somehwere new would help me grow as a person.


Q: What do you want to do after college? 

CD: I really want to travel and help people, not really sure how though. All I know is that I want to see the world. If I am able to help people while doing what I love, which is traveling, I think I will be a pretty lucky person. 


Q: Why did you join Her Campus UConn?

CD: I joined Her Campus because I enjoy writing and was looking for an organization to join that would have an inviting atmosphere. I really wanted to have a creative outlet and a way to express myself and this seemed like a good fit. 


Q: Are you involved with any other organizations on campus?

CD: I am also a member of Comm Society. Not many Communication majors know about it, but I feel that any way I can develop my communication skills while becoming a more involved member of the major is a great thing to do.


Q: If you had to name three fictional characters that sum up you and your personality, who would they be and why?


  1. Fiona from Shameless because she's rough around the edges like myself and has a way of communicating and showing that she cares without coming right out and saying so. For example, when she says "I hate you" she really means "I love you." I think where I was raised taught me to guard my emotions more and so I really relate to her way of handling her relationships.
  2. Hermione Granger. She loves learning and knowledge and I love to learn as much as I possibly can. I'm a history nerd and geek out about that kind of stuff. 
  3. Tina Fey (even though she's not fictional) because I find myself slightly funny and often laugh at myself. She's also just a total girl boss. I wish I could be as amazing as she is, but I like to think that I am on my way to being like her. 


Q: Where is the best place you've ever traveled to? 

CD: I haven't traveled a whole lot but Italy is by far my favorite plave I've ever been. I got to immerse myself in not only a new culture, but it felt as though I got to travel back in time. 

Q: Is there a specific quote or motto that you live by? 

CD: There is this serenity prayer which reads, "God, grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." I like to live by the perspective that I am not able to control everything that goes on in my life, but that I have the power to make something out of a situation. I always want to approach life head on, and never shy away from things. I feel that if you don't at least try to do something, you missed out on the chance that you could have had an impact on either your life or someone else's.


Photos courtesy of Caroline DiOrio.