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Matt Kosior ’16

Name: Matt Kosior

Academic Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Height: 6’1

Ethnicity: Polish

Relationship Status: Taken

Major/Minor: Political Science and French double major, Spanish and European Studies double minor

Extracurricular Activities: Model UN, Habitat for Humanity

Dream Job: Diplomat

Pass Times: Listen to music, work out, travel, and cook       

Matt in Budapest, Hungary this past summer

Favorite Restaurant: First and Last

Attractive Traits in a Girl:  Long hair, easy to talk to, cute

Favorite Class at UCONN: Democratization and Development with Narcisse Tiky

Superpower if you could have one: To go back in time

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Best Travel Spots: France, Spain, and Mexico

Favorite Movie: Casino Royale

Name something on your bucket list: To travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Why did you choose UCONN? It’s a big campus that’s not far from home, and it’s a good, affordable education. At UCONN, there is a large sense of school spirit that is exciting to be a part of. Experiencing the New England seasons, especially the fall foliage, is something I look forward to every year and by living at UCONN I get to do just that.

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: “Live with humbleness”

Oriana is a student at the University of Connecticut, with a double major in Communication and Spanish. She enjoys reading, traveling, espresso, and Vogue magazine. 
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