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It’s a new era for Marina. She has dropped “The Diamonds” preceding her release of eight songs on part one of her two part masterpiece “Love + Fear.”  The second part of this double album is anticipated to release on April 26th. Marina has paved the way for electropop music that is both daring and unapologetically herself, and her album "Love" is no exception to that. 

“Love” is perfectly titled as it encompasses music that spreads exactly that. The messages of her songs are both empowering and inspirational to everyone. She brings up important topics such as loving your body and being true to yourself in her song titled “True.” Another song “To be human” along with the music video is one of her most powerful releases as it advocates for human rights and tackles important political topics leading her to question what the meaning of life is. Some of her tracks such as “End of the Earth,” “Handmade Heaven,” and “Orange Trees” have a very ethereal element to them capturing images of her being very at peace and trying to get to a state in her life where she feels she belongs as does everyone else in the world. The rest of this album is full of unapologetic pop music that makes you want to dance and fall in love with yourself. 

Marina is no novice when it comes to music that is very transparent. She seems to be sharing a side of herself through her album “Love” that radiates happiness, positivity, and love for all human beings. Her music brings to light how small we are in a universe so big and how much you should, in her words, “Enjoy your life.” Love is approached in so many different ways through music, and Marina’s way of telling her definition of Love is a beautiful thing to listen to.



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