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Marina And The Diamonds: Pure Electro-Pop Goodness

If you’re looking for danceable jams with a quirky, yet sugary-sweet indie flavor, you’ll be addicted to Marina and the Diamonds. Having just released her second studio album, the infectious UK femme fatale has been active for several years, yet remaining fairly obscure in the mainstream music world. Her newest album “Electra Heart”, released in April 2012, runs 12 tracks deep, all of which prove fabulous and dance-worthy.

As reflected in her lyrical quality and melodic beats, Marina is the epitome of fabulous. Unlike so many dance artists on the charts, her songs have substance and emotion, all quite far from “fluffy” pop. Marina is a pop princess- no doubt; however, her royalty reflects much more than catchy beats and a pretty face. Through pleasantly pulsing melodies, she preaches messages of inner beauty and self-sufficiency, while squashing society’s expectations of relationships and dependence on men. Expressing frustration and even becoming tearful at times, Marina speaks to us with lyrics which reflect the struggle within a world consumed by materialism and superficial beauty.

Highlights of the album include: “Radioactive”: a viral, four-minute dance jam, “Primadonna”: a feel-good masterpiece complete with a catchy bubblegum beat, and “Homewrecker”: a slightly satirical but all too honest reflection of an uncommitted girl with high standards and heels to match. Give Marina & The Diamonds a listen. Between the alluring pop beats and upmost lyrical finesse, your spirits and confidence will be lifted, guaranteed.


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