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Male Icons You Would Date If They Were Still Young

The internet was shocked when the recent picture of young Joe Biden resurfaced. This began to make me wonder what other beautiful men have existed that we have missed out on. With the help of fellow UConn Her Campusers, we’ve compiled a pretty lengthy list of all the wonderfully appealing men we wished we could’ve dated back in the day. 


#1 of course, Joe Biden.


Mark Wahlberg. Speechless.


Clint Eastwood

Look at that jaw bone!!!


Rob Lowe


John Travolta (obviously)


Robert Redford

There’s something about a guy smokin’ a cig in black & white photography…


Mick Jagger


John F. Kennedy


Harrison Ford aka Han Solo aka Hot Stuff…


Paul Newman

WHO ARE YOU??? xoxoxo


Marlin Brando

If he looks at his cat like that… imagine how he must look at his lady!


Denzel Washington


Luke Perry


Tim Kaine


Will Smith

Has he even aged?? Will he ever?


George Clooney


Ian Mckellen


Warren Beaty… perfectly tousled hair


Brad Pitt


Tom Cruise

He makes sweaty pits look GOOD.


Ronald Reagan


Patrick Dempsey

Always been McDreamy.


Dermot Mulroney


Richard Gere


Heath Ledger


Patrick Swayze

Who wants to go Dirty Dancin’?!


Ben Affleck


John Stamos

All the 1990s babies know Uncle Jessie.


Hugh Grant


Jason Priestly



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