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Make Your Tiny Apartment Seem Massive

The first step towards making the most of your tiny, young-adult, apartment is lusting after the #apartmentgoals on Pintrest and Instagram. Done? Okay, now go drool over Wayfair magazine and lap your local HomeGoods twelve times. 

Now that you’re sufficiently inspired, let’s talk about how to really make the most of your apartment. Here are some things to keep in mind, before you do too much impulse buying. 

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  1. Mirrors create space. 

  2. More is always LESS. Focus on statement pieces and quality, instead of quantity. 

  3. Use open furniture. Having leggy pieces of furniture opens the space instead of closing it. Opt for legs over blocks of furniture. 

  4. Light colors create a space. Dark colors will close it and result in a cozier feeling.

  5. Use the same color for your walls as your ceiling. Overall, lean more towards a monochromatic scheme with 3 colors.

  6. Avoid excessive patterns and prints.

  7. Look for multifunctional furniture that double as storage space.

  8. Get a clear shower curtain.

  9. Try the “ghost” furniture trend and buy see through pieces. 

  10. Keep things / furniture to the walls and maintain an open center space.

    Hope these tips help! Enjoy decorating, collegiates.

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