Let's Spring Into Summer: Why Spring is Overrated

Spring in Storrs? What’s that? It’s somehow freezing in the morning but manages to get warm and sunny by noon. Let me tell you why spring is not your friend.

1. Daylight Savings causing the "spring forward" does not help your sleep, or lack thereof.

2. It's winter part two. Getting dressed in the morning is a hassle, is it a warm 43 degrees or does it feel like 20 degrees?

3. Allergies. Like I said, Mother Nature is a witch to say the least. Pollen dancing in the air is cute and all until your eyes are swollen and you can’t stop sneezing.

4. Working on the sunny days. ESPECIALLY working at the Dairy Bar. The lines are ridiculous. I’m sure the employees would much rather be outside than dealing with the masses.

5. Rainy days make everything even duller than normal. Let’s face it, as we are getting down to these last few weeks, it’s come to the point when you just want to finish. You may find yourself lacking energy and the rain definitely doesn't help.

6. Busses are still late. You’d think with the alleged spring weather more people would walk to class, but no.

7. You actually have to put in effort to what you wear. Leggings and a hoodie were just fine for school in the winter because like everything else dying, so was your motivation and frankly, your patience.

8. Spring cleaning your wardrobe. Like I said, it’s no longer parka and boot season... time to turn your closet around. Cleaning out your closet can be a drag and it’s way easier to procrastinate.

Spring is like turning 17 years old, what’s the point? Good luck this season, collegiettes.


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