Layer It On Me

There's a new way to make a statement with your accessories and that is the layering of necklaces. Necklace layering is the perfect way to give your ensemble a truly unique look. We all have amazing individual pieces of jewelry, but consider the next step-- pairing them together to make an even better statement. One can layer with chunky pieces to long pendants to short dainty necklaces and everything in between. You can mix and match all types of textures and colors - make it your own! Accessories are a great way to complete a look, and layering will give your look that extra edge. Here are some layering looks that I put together for a little inspiration modeled by some of our own UConn collegietes.

Looking at it quickly you might think that this piece is just an elaborately huge, chunky, Cleopatra -inspired necklace. But there are actually three necklaces to it.

This second look is an unlikely match but the two necklaces complement each other in a unique way. Looking at these two necklaces separately, it’s hard to imagine that they would come together so well. Sometimes all it takes is being able to imagine it all come together.

The third look is a subtle show stopper. These two necklaces and their chains blend perfectly together to create this special look that no one else will be able to copy.

Tips for achieving a layered necklace look:

  • Try to pick necklaces with similar chains (gold with golds, silver with silvers)
  • Play with the lengths of the necklaces so that each one is adjusted to the appropriate length for a clean, refined look
  • Be bold! The bolder the look the better, don’t be afraid to make a statement

Layer on!