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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Between midterms and never-ending assignments, the last thing that I’ve been thinking about is coming up with a costume for Halloween. I know many of my fellow procrastinating college students are feeling the same way, so I’ve come up with 11 last-minute Halloween costume ideas with things that you probably already have in your closet.

80s Skier

Throw on a puffy jacket, colorful leggings, a beanie and you’re all set. Bonus: you’ll stay warm throughout the night!


For this costume, all you need to do is wear anything pink and you’re done! If you want to put in some extra effort, print out the Barbie logo and attach it to your outfit.

Country Club Member

Throw on a skirt, collared top, tie a sweater around your neck, and add some pearls and if you’re feeling up to it! This costume is super easy but looks so put-together.

Bachelor Contestant

This one does require a bit more effort since you need to get a rose (real or fake), but I think this costume is super cute and gives you an excuse to dress up. Put on one of your favorite dresses and get ready to endure the most *dramatic* Halloween yet :)


I feel like everyone has a tie-dye shirt laying around, especially after quarantine. Add some flare pants, throw up a peace sign, and you’re all set!

An Influencer

Urban Outfitters came out with a costume like this last year, but it’s super easy to recreate at home! Throw on a comfy workout set, a baseball hat, sunglasses, a cute bag, and hold a camera or your phone in your hand. You’ll be ready for any Insta pic that night!

Kim Possible

I feel like this is a classic last-minute Halloween costume so I had to include it. All you need are some army-green pants, a black top, black shoes, and some black gloves if you have some laying around. Super easy!

Pajama Party

This is probably one of my favs since it gives you an excuse to wear your pj’s all night long. This costume is pretty self-explanatory; throw on a set of cute pajamas, add a sleeping mask, and you’re ready to go!

Jungle Girl

This one may require you to take down some of your room decor from your dorm or apartment, but I think it’ll turn out super cute! All you need to do is wear nude clothing or a dress and a string of vines hanging from your neck (like the ones from Amazon that are in every Pinterest dorm photo). If you want to put in a little more effort, wavy hair would be the perfect touch!

Sandy from “Greece”

This is also a classic Halloween costume, and it doubles as a cute couples costume too! All you need is black clothing and red lipstick to complete the look.

An Animal

If all else fails, add a headband with animal ears. Pick up any Halloween headband from Dollar Tree, Party City, Target, etc. and wear a black outfit. It’s super easy, and you’ll be twinning with Karen Smith from Mean Girls.

Hopefully you now have an idea of what you want to be for Halloween! Now that you have that out of the way, please remember to stay safe and adhere to all Covid-19 guidelines. Happy spooky season!

Emily is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut double majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education and Mathematics. In her free time, she likes to go on runs, spend time with family and friends, watch sunsets, and eat ice cream.
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