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Kid Gorgeous: John Mulaney’s New Comedy Show

I’ll preface this article by saying that I love John Mulaney. This piece will be saturated with love and respect. He’s my favorite comedian of all time, and also the only cis, straight, white man I’ll pay money to tell me about his life (or even ask in the first place).


So going into the Mulaney show at Jorgenson on Thursday, I was ready for it to be life-changing—or at least the highlight of my week. And collegiettes, he didn’t disappoint.



The show started at 7:30 p.m., with Max Silvestri opening. He’s appeared on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place, and is the host of a show on Bravo, Recipe for Deception.


His jokes were awesome, especially for an opening act. He talked about everything from how much he can’t relate to groups of straight men (and really, who can?) to his girlfriend’s casual weekend with her friends. Not to spoil the show, since you should watch for yourself, but this bit includes them dropping hallucinogenic drugs and getting up close and personal with each other’s intimate regions.


Silvestri made fun of others, he made fun of the current state of political affairs, and he did it in a way that made sure you knew who he was really laughing at: himself.


As the lights went down on him to roaring applause, everyone was ready and hyped for the main act.



John Mulaney came out to roaring cheers.


I honestly wasn’t sure how he was going to follow the amazing routines from New In Town and Comeback Kid, but Kid Gorgeous was the first time I had seen a show where all his jokes were about current events that really were current for me.


He hit all the high points for the audience, from things everyone can relate to like middle school assemblies to how he loves his dog a little too much. (He pushes his French bulldog around in New York in a stroller, because she loves to see the sights but isn’t the most athletic dog in the world.)


He pulled from a Daily Campus that he had on stage, and he also called out audience members to tease them, in a classic comedian move. My favorite part was his comparison of President #45 to a horse loose in a hospital. It will probably be okay in the end, but for now we’re all sitting around helplessly, wondering what it’s going to do next and how bad the damage will be. Frankly, the horse doesn’t know either.


Mulaney’s still got the comedic timing and hilarious bits we all know and love him for, and his energy is hypnotic and infectious.



He ended around 9:30 p.m., rounding the full event off to two hours—and damn if it wasn’t worth all that money and time out of my Thirsty Thursday. If you can’t get tickets to see a show sometime during this tour, you should definitely catch Kid Gorgeous on Netflix the second it’s out.


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