Katherine McLeese: creator of UConn Clothing Buy, Sell, Swap

Meet Katherine McLeese, creator of the UConn Clothing Buy, Sell, Swap Facebook group.

Name: Katherine McLeese

Year:  Junior

Major: Human Development & Family Studies major, English & WGSS minors 

What made you decide to start the UConn Buy Clothing Buy, Sell, Swap group?

KM:  I figured this kind of Facebook group mixes two popular modes of shopping for college kids: thrift shopping and online shopping. The fun part with this kind of online shopping though is that when you are buying from another student here on campus, you’re actually helping them out a little bit while also gaining something “new-to-you” for yourself. I also had been seeing a lot of people posting clothes that they were trying to get rid of in our Buy or Sell Ticket group and not having much luck so I thought, “What if there was a group dedicated to that purpose?” Then from there I just decided to go for it and make the group myself.


What kinds of things can you post in the group?

KM:  Anybody can post anything in the group. While the title says “Clothing”, it’s really open for clothing, shoes, hats and other accessories, small electronics like earphones or phone cases, makeup, etc. The one thing I really try to manage is that the only things posted in the group are as relevant as possible. Right now there is a majority of traditionally feminine clothing in the group, but I’d really love to have a better mix of clothing that can appeal to all styles and genders. I think it’s really important to have a place that is welcoming to those that may identify anywhere on the gender spectrum and want an easy, comfortable way to get the types of clothing that they want to wear.


How did you spread the word about the group?  

KM:  To start out, I just added my own friends and shared the group within larger groups such as Buy or Sell UConn Tickets. But after posting it a few times and asking those in the group to add their own friends, the number of members we had really took off.

Success wise, how is "UConn Clothing Buy, Sell, Swap" doing?

KM:  I am actually surprised with how quickly the group gained popularity. We have people posting new items every day so it’s great to see that people are actually using it and finding value in it.


Are there any new projects you have planned for the page? 

KM:  While I am impressed with how far the group has come, I think we can do better. I’d like to reach out to student organizations and cultural centers to be able to host some advertising space for their clothing drives or other charity events they hold. There is a lot of untapped potential in this group and the kind of effect it can have on campus and that’s why I am looking for some new admins for the page. Obviously it’s not a paid position or official internship, but it’s definitely something that you can be proud of and gain experience from doing. Being able to network on our campus is a skill that can be applied to just about any job. There are some really creative minds here at UConn that can figure out how we can get the word out and get more of the campus involved. Anyone that’s interested can contact me either on facebook through UConn Clothing Buy, Sell, Swap, or my email: [email protected].


What's the coolest item you've seen posted in the group?

KM:  Someone was selling ganja dreamcatchers at one point and I thought those were really cool! Another person was selling a handmade dress they bought in Thailand. Personally I’ve been eyeing this watch that someone posted a little while ago… maybe if I sell enough of my own stuff I can afford it! Since there’s new stuff being posted every day, it’s sometimes tough to keep up. Our campus has great style. 

Be sure to check out UConn Clothes Buy, Sell, Swap and add yourself to the group!