The Jonas Brothers are (Possibly) Reuniting and We're Not Okay

This is an S.O.S. 

Who knew that a reactivated Instagram account, of all things, would send millions of 20 somethings (myself included) into a hysterical frenzy because of the possibility of a Jonas Brothers reunion tour.

I mean, this reaction is completely warranted considering we've been waiting for years holding onto hope that one day they'd come back. In order to cope with the craziness of this news, many fans took to twitter to unleash all the emotions which have been bottled up since 2013 when the band officially split. 




4. Essentially, this reunion is so long overdue that at this point we're taking all we can get. Hearing Year 3000 live would solve a majority of the world's problems, so JoBros, please help a girl (or a few million) out. 

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