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Is It “Too Much To Ask” Niall Horan to Chill Out?

Niall girls, are you guys alive? This past weekend the blue-eyed, Irish cutie surprised his fans with not only a new single, titled “Too Much to Ask”, but a SOLO album release date and wait for it… 2018 TOUR DATES!

The hearts of many young fans skipped a beat while listening to Horan’s new sentimental single.  When you listen to “Too Much to Ask” you will instantly think of that person who you had a thing with, but it didn’t quite work out and now you miss them and can’t stop thinking about them. We’ve all been there… apparently even heartthrob-Horan. Now we’re all wondering, “Who hurt you, Niall?!”


If the song didn’t stop your heart, I’m sure the album release date did. The album, titled Flicker, will be released on October 20th. Horan began writing the album last March and said that he put his “heart and soul” into it. This means we have about a month until we die again, ladies!

On top of all this, Horan also dropped the 2018 world tour bomb, leaving his fans shook to the core. Do you know what you are doing in a year from now? I hope it involves Niall Horan and hundreds of his screaming fans in one room singing the Flicker songs as loud as humanly possible. The Flicker Wolrd Tour will be coming to a city near you. Until then, let’s hold on tight for a possible “Too Much to Ask” music video!


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