Improve Your Cold: Collegiette How-To's

With the cold and flu season in full swing, here’s some ways to feel better if you do catch the bug:

1. Water! Water! Water!

Drinking water is the biggest key to getting better faster! So grab that water bottle of yours and drink up.

2. Soup is your friend.

Soup is great for the sick. The broth is easy to digest and helps to soothe your throat.

3. Get the tissues with lotion.

Your nose will get dry after blowing it for the millionth time so get the tissue that add moisture every time you use them. It will reduce the dryness and hopefully, prevent nosebleeds.

4. Use the Ricola cough drops.

It doesn’t taste the best but it is definitely the way to go if you feel under the weather. Just pop on in and reward yourself with your favorite show on Netflix.

5. Drink Emergen-C.

The extra vitamin C in Emergen- C will help to kick the cold out of your system. So drink plenty of this stuff!

6. Have a good night’s sleep.

Staying up late is a no-no. As much as you may to study, sleeping is so important when you are sick. Get to bed early and take naps when you can.

7. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies have important vitamins and minerals that your body can use when sick so load up to feel better.

8. Use a humidifier.

The moist environment will help to unstuff that nose of yours. Put it right by your bed to help you sleep.

9. Take hot showers.

Cold and flu sometimes cause aches and just the feeling of “blah” so take a nice hot shower to loosen your muscles and make your body feel less “blah”

10. Grab Airborne!

Give your immune system a boost with this gem. Take this to help your body fight off the virus that is making your body feel so bad.

11. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol

As much as you might be to drink coffee after a rough night of no sleep from the stuffy nose you have, don’t drink coffee. It suppresses your immune system which may make your cold longer. Who wants that?

12. Remember to relax!

I know how much fun it is to party on a Friday or Saturday night but when you’re sick just say no. Watch your favorite reruns on cable. Hello Boy Meets World and Friends!