The Importance of Women Speaking Out, Especially Now

Listen ladies, we haven’t had the easiest go of things recently. Based on our country's new administration, many groups have felt threatened, scared and frankly pretty small. It’s easy to feel defeated by all of these negative surroundings, but when it comes to times like these, it’s important to make our voices heard. Female writers, journalists, and activists must continue doing what they’re doing; speaking out.

As women, we’ve consistently struggled and fought to be heard and have our needs met. Just because our new administration is attempting to implement new policies, doesn’t mean that we will sit idly by. It is incredibly important for women to continue writing and speaking their minds on issues that will greatly impact all of our lives. Even though it may seem unimportant to some, writing is an excellent way for women everywhere to make an impact. The power of words can be a catalyst for positive changes in the world, inspiring people to fight for what they believe in. It is our responsibility as women today to show future generations that it is important not to stay silent and that their voices matter and should be heard.

The empowerment of women is becoming more present in today’s world. There are many significant issues in today’s society, but coming together and working toward positive change is something that benefits us all. In light of recent events, it's promising to see everyone, especially women, getting involved and taking a stand.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” - Unknown


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