If the Characters of 'This Is Us' Went to UConn

The new television series This Is Us has been all the rage this past year. It follows the lives of five different characters, showing the struggles they go through and the lessons they learn. Each character is highly relatable in some way, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if these characters were fellow Huskies. Here’s what the characters of This Is Us would be like if they were students at UConn:


Major: Engineering

Extra-Curricular Activities: Jack’s dream job would be creating his own construction company so he spends a majority of his time as the vice president of UConn’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society. Jack also spends a fair amount of his time at the gym, but always makes sure to see his girlfriend, Rebecca, perform at Open Mic Night at The Beanery. Jack will occasionally watch his friend Miguel’s golf matches, but that’s only if he has absolutely nothing to do.

Favorite Dining Hall: Jack is a simple man and can usually be found at North or Northwest.



Major: Vocal Performance

Extra-Curricular Activities: Rebecca is a member of the UConn a cappella group Rubyfruit. She involves herself in a number of musicals throughout the year and makes sure to perform at every Open Mic Night at The Beanery. During the fall semester, she and her boyfriend Jack go to all of the at-home football games, and always makes sure to tailgate with her friends.  

Favorite Dining Hall: Rebecca is a big fan of comfort food and loves eating at South.



Major: Undecided Business Major

Extra-Curricular Activities: Randall is extremely into fitness and is a BodyWise instructor, specifically for the strength classes. He is also a member of the Business Management Society, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. He is a regular at all of the football games during the fall semester and basketball games during the spring semester. Randall was on the intramural football team, but due to numerous fights with another player named Kevin, he decided to leave the team.

Favorite Dining Hall: Randall is someone who is very mindful of what he eats, which is why he loves Putnam. He makes a smoothie almost every day and on the days that he’s too busy to go to Putnam, he will eat at One Plate, Two Plates in the Union.



Major: Acting

Extra-Curricular Activities: Kevin is known to go to the gym multiple times a week. You can also see him in numerous theatre performances, usually playing a lead. There were a few times where he lost his cool during those performances, but he has been working on it. Kevin is a member of the club Dramatic PAWS and is on the intramural football team as well.

Favorite Dining Hall: Kevin loves ordering out and will rarely eat at a dining hall. If he is eating at a dining hall, it's usually is either North or South. Typically though, he is ordering Wally’s: the cheese fries and The Hangover Burger, of course.



Major: Undecided

Extra-Curricular Activities: Kate is also a regular at the gym, but usually most of her gym time is spent at the BodyWise classes. Her favorite class is Zumba, but she found out about a class called POUND and is hoping the rec center will start adding it to the BodyWise schedule. Kate is also a fan of seeing plays and musicals that certain clubs put on. Kate is a member of the club Students Helping to Achieve Positive Self Esteem (S.H.A.P.E.) and was recently in the Catwalk to End Fat Talk event.

Favorite Dining Hall: Kate loves South, but knows to stay as far away from it as possible. Usually, you can find Kate at either McMahon or Putnam.



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