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If The Characters From The Office Were in UConn Sororities

The Office is a show that benefits from both male and female characters, even though the female characters are generally underrated. Here’s a list of which specific Greek organization The Office women would be in if they attended the University of Connecticut. 

Kelly Kapoor – AXO

Kelly is energetic, trendy and spunky, just like a sister of UConn AXO. She always has an interesting perspective to bring to the table and, just like The Office is better with her in it, the Panhellenic community definitely benefits from AXO.

Meredith Palmer – AEPhi

AEPhis are chill, un-bothered, and definitely love to have fun. Sounds like Meredith Palmer, right?

Erin Hannon – AOPi

Erin Hannon is always there to make others smile and laugh, just like an AOPi sister at the University of Connecticut.

Jan Levinson – APhi

Jan is a woman in charge, much like a UConn APhi. She is beautiful on the outside and a little crazy on the inside – but isn’t that what makes us love our friends in Alpha Phi?

Pam Beesly – DZ

Pam is the really cool girl-next-door. DZ is a sorority known for not taking themselves too seriously, so Pam would fit perfectly in their sisterhood.

Nellie Bertram – DSP

Nellie Bertram came into the show knowing what she wanted to be – a leader. Nellie definitely would’ve ventured out of Panhellenic to join a more professional fraternity, DSP for example.

Holly Flax – GPhi

Gamma Phi is known for having girls that love having fun and value strong friendships. There is no better GPhi than Holly Flax, the queen of fun herself.

Angela Martin – Phi Rho

Phi Rhos joined their sorority so they could be surrounded with sisterhood and scholarship – the latter being a value that would resonate with Angela. And hey, she’d probably be a lot more pleasant amongst her own kind – intelligent, capable women who don’t cause drama and get their work done.

Phyllis Vance – Pi Phi

Phyllis is one of the most underrated characters in The Office – @ me if you disagree. Pi Phi may be one of the lesser known, underrated Panhellenic sororities, but these girls are lit AND hilarious, just like Phyllis!

Karen Filipelli – Theta

Karen is calm, cool and collected, just like a Kappa Alpha Theta at UConn. She is beautiful on the outside but inherently sassy and confident.

There you have it, folks. Keep these pairings in mind when you decide to go through recruitment! (Or don’t.) 

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