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HuskyTHON’s VP of Operations

Meet Katelyn Weber, VP Operations 
 What does your role as the Vice President of Operations entail? 
“As the VP of Operations, I’m in charge of making and enforcing the timeline for our event. That means splitting up the 18 hours into five minute intervals and filling them with food, entertainment, miracle stories, morale dances, and more and making sure we stick to that timeline on March 7th! Luckily I have some amazing members on the Ops team to help me with planning, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them!”
How did you first get involved with HuskyTHON?
“As a freshman, I went to HuskyTHON as a visitor, and it didn’t take long to realize how amazing this event is. I knew I wanted to get more involved the next year, so I signed up to dance with APO during my sophomore year. I wanted to get even more involved, so my junior year I applied for the Management Team as Donation Management, and now senior year I’m here as VP of Operations!”
What are you looking forward to most this year?“I’m most looking forward to seeing the kids dance with their teams this year. It’s always so fun to watch their faces light up as they run through the morale tunnel and get to dance with the “big kids.” A lot of the kids from the hospital wait for HuskyTHON all year, and we’re so happy to give them an event that can meet their expectations. Watching the kids at HuskyTHON really reminds all the dancers that we’re there FTK.”
What is your favorite part about the 18-hour dance marathon?
“The miracle stories are definitely my favorite part of HuskyTHON. Almost every hour, one of the kids gets to tell their story and share how CT Children’s has impacted their life as the dancers take a knee and give them their full attention. A lot of the younger kids stand up on stage with their family, and some of the older kids get up by themselves. It’s really cool to hear all the stories, and to see that transition in the kids that have been coming back to HuskyTHON year after year.”
Any tip for first timers to keep their energy up for those 18 hours?
“Bring your friends! Dancing is way more fun with more people to share it with! Also remember to eat and stay hydrated – take advantage of our catering area! Dressing up for theme hours also helps split up the night. Last bit of advice: a fresh pair of socks and change of shoes partway through the night does wonders!”
How is operations different from other functions?
“Operations is different than other positions on the management team because we really make sure the event runs smoothly and is fun for everyone there. It’s a lot more about the technical details of running the event than about fundraising, involvement, or advertising. Our job isn’t done until the field house is cleared out on Sunday afternoon! Every position on the management team is super important, and HuskyTHON wouldn’t run and raise all the money it does for CT Children’s if we didn’t work so well as a team. I’m so thankful to have worked with every person on the 2015 management team, and a HUGE thank you to everyone dancing, volunteering, or visiting!”
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