HuskyTHON Waiting Room if UConn raises $500,000

HuskyTHON plans to raise $500,000 in this year’s dance marathon to give the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center a waiting room.

Last year, the dance marathon raised $304,375 for the hospital, the most the organization’s iconic event on campus has ever raised since HuskyTHON started in 2000. Now, they are hoping to raise $200,000 more than last year.

“We want that waiting room,” said Ricky Holtz, co-executive director of HuskyTHON. “We want HuskyTHON to be the reason for that waiting room. It gives the hospital the ability to spend (money) on other things they need.”

The waiting room is important for the hospital staff as well as the patients and families that will spend their time at the hospital.

“I think the waiting room is really important because the hospital environment is so much of what makes Connecticut Children’s Medical Center different,” said Katelyn Weber, co-chairman of donation management for HuskyTHON. “I think it will help the morale and it will be a nice space to have there, especially for families waiting for their kids there, (and) kids to be more comfortable there.”

For the HuskyTHON organization, there is unparalleled determination to reach the goal.

“We want to keep growing and rising to the challenge,” Holtz said.

Students can participate as dancers, volunteers, dancer representatives and morale captains in the dance marathon. Each person that signs up must pay $10 and pledge to raise $100 to participate in HuskyTHON. However, the HuskyTHON group states that getting the $100 is not difficult to do.

“It is important to do personal fundraising so you can do canning or even bake sales, asking family and friends to donate. Anything that is small can add up to a lot,” said Weber.

For students, the benefit is that after the money is raised, they get to dance for 18 hours in celebration.

“Dancing in HuskyTHON is an unforgettable experience. The night is filled with entertainment, friends, food and activity. You'll stay active, engaged, and excited about the fact that we're raising thousands of dollars for an incredible local cause,” according to the HuskyTHON website.

If the dance marathon raises the $500,000, the hospital plans to name it in honor of the HuskyTHON organization.

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