How to trick everyone into thinking you're fine during finals week

While we always say we're going to study ahead of time, start the study guides as soon as we get them, and get plenty of sleep during finals week, that never really happens.  All is fair in love and finals week and it can leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed.  However, with these products, you'll be able to trick anyone into thinking you're a pro and have this whole final exam thing under control.  

Before every exam, start your morning off with a cup of delicious Yogi Tea.  It will mellow you out and warm you up before you have to make the trek to the exam room in the freezing winter weather.  Even better, take some with you in a to-go mug to sip on while you're filling out the dreaded scantron sheet. *First and last name, student ID number, and test version in column K.*  You can get Yogi Tea in a variety of flavors to suit your studying needs.

After your morning cup of tea, it's time to get ready for class.  Finals week is known for pajama pants, messy buns, and dark circles, but you want to make people think you're unfazed by all the madness.  Done.  Rimmel London has an endless supply of beauty products to help you face the world (figuratively and literally).  Is your skin pale and sickly looking from the all-nighter you just pulled sitting in front of your computer screen?  Dust on a little bit of Rimmel's Natural Bronzer to give yourself a slightly sun-kissed look, brighten up your eyes with their Scandaleyes mascara and eyeliner, and turn heads as you strut to class with their Provocalips 16-Hour Kissproof Lip Color, which comes in a variety of shades.  No one will have to know just how sleep-deprived you are if the makeup illusion is strong enough.

If you really want to let people know you're the queen of finals, take a break from your studying to read for pleasure.  There is rarely enough time to read for personal enjoyment during the semester as professors pile on the assignments, and you find yourself escaping in front of a screen rather than another book.  Pulling out a book to read shows that you're not worried; you've done the reading you have to do and now you're going to enjoy some more in your down time.  Everyone will know you've got your life together if you choose a novel over Netflix.  Book of The Month Club is a service that will send you one book a month out of their monthly selections, for a subscription fee. This month we read The Wangs vs. The World by Jade Chang and loved it.

Once you're back in the safety of your own room, craft yourself a little home spa retreat to relax and unwind. Leaders Cosmetics' 7 Wonders facemasks are a wonderful way to refresh your skin and leave you feeling revived.  These Korean sheet masks are full of "antioxidant-rich extracts to calm, nourish, and soothe the skin."  It's the perfect 20-minute "me-time" activity.  Add to the calming vibes and make sure to pamper yourself with a long, steamy shower.  A girl that shaves her legs during winter?  Rare.  A girl that shaves during finals? We're not entirely sure those exist.  Feel completely ahead of the game and in control with Pure Silk products that will leave your legs feeling smooth and yourself feeling fierce.  

Remember colliegiettes, during finals you do need to take care of your grades, but you also need to take care of yourself.  Make sure to get plenty of sleep, food & water, and take study breaks every now and again.  Good luck and have a happy holiday season!


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