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It’s finals season! As things come to end, this is the perfect time to leave school with a bang. Finals can be a stressful time for most college students, and rightfully so. It can be hard to balance everything and focus on an exam that can make or break the grade you desire. Despite all of the challenges, you made it this far and are one step closer to completing your goal! Let’s take some time to reflect and look at tips to help relieve the stress of finals season.

The pomodoro method

Sometimes we can get carried away with studying and forget that we need to take a break. I know this has happened to me multiple times where I would become so concentrated on my work I would forget to take time for myself. A technique I like to use when studying is the Pomodoro method. I set a timer for 45-50 minutes and work with no distractions during that time frame. Once the 45-50 minutes are over, I take a 10 minute break and repeat this two more times. After the third 45-50 minute studying time frame, I take a break for 30 minutes. This helps me focus on what I am doing for a set amount of time and get as much done as possible. It’s proven that studying for hours on end can result in burnout in students and won’t help with memory retention. With that in mind, the Pomodoro method helps one stay focused and provides some much needed breaks. 

Eat, Sleep, exercise

Getting enough sleep sleep is important during finals season. Having a decent sleep schedule will help students retain more information and maintain the energy to study. Studying is a mental exercise that requires attention and dedication. Without sleep and the proper nutrients, your study experience will be physically and mentally draining.  Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to implement a lunch and dinner break within your study schedule. This will provide you with more stamina to reach your study goal. Not only can sleeping and eating help, but so can exercise. It is proven that exercising can help relieve stress and prioritize time for yourself. Some exercises that are beneficial for stress relief are yoga, cardio, and weight training. Setting aside an hour for the gym can help in the long run, and even give you more motivation to follow your study schedule. With that said, staying focused during finals season is a marathon, and having the right amount of sleep and nutrients will help you conquer this race.

Everything will fall inTO place

I know the concept of “trust the process” is easier said than done, but it’s true! The amount of hard work you’ve put throughout the semester will be demonstrated when taking your final exam. Sometimes we tend to overthink our choices when taking an exam (I know I do). However, it is proven that our first choice on an exam is usually the right choice. We subconsciously pick the right choice based on the knowledge we gained throughout the semester. Remember to be confident in yourself and trust the process. If you put your best foot forward and try your hardest, the benefits at the end will outweigh the stress and self-doubt. If worst comes to worst and you don’t do as well as expected, take it as a learning experience for next semester and an opportunity to see what study techniques help you the most. There’s a bright side to every situation. You got this.


Sarah Barta

U Conn '24

Hey! My name is Sarah and I am a sophomore at the University of Connecticut studying ChemE.