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How To Make A Vision Board For Your 2023 Goals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Making a vision board is one of my favorite activities as the year comes to an end. It’s a time to reflect and be able to “start fresh.” This year is no exception. If you want to make a vision board, this is a perfect start to making it your best year with the help of some pictures and a positive mindset.

Reflect on your year and past goals

The first thing I like to do before making a vision board is look at my one from the year before. What did I like about it? What did I not like? How can I make it more accessible or “my style?” In my case, I left my vision board at home, so while I was at college, I wasn’t able to see it. This year, perhaps I’ll make my board my laptop or phone background, or I’ll make it portable, so I can move it from home to college. 

As for goals, ask yourself, were you able to achieve all, some, or none of the goals on your vision board? If you did, that’s fantastic! If you didn’t, that is all right! This new year is a new chapter in your life. With the proper steps and a realistic mindset, you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

Make some goals

The first step to making a vision board for the new year is to set some goals. If you’re confused about where to start, here are some tips to help you get started.

Be specific and realistic. For example, (an example from yours truly) don’t say you want to read 100 books in one year if you couldn’t even manage to get through five. Think about something that is realistic, yet satisfying once complete. 

Taking the book example, set a goal that aligns with your schedule. If you’re someone that is busy 24/7, fitting in time to read might be difficult. However, look into alternatives. Perhaps audiobooks that you can listen to in between classes or at the gym might be the right fit for you.

If your goal is to get more sleep, think about your whole day and what you have to change to prioritize sleep. Are you spending too much time studying, and staying up late on your phone?

If you want to get better grades, think about the logistical steps to get there. How much do you have to study? What are the requirements for the grade you desire? Can you attend office hours or do you have to carve out one on one time with your professor?

Don’t be afraid to think about the logistics. After all, having a vision board is great to remind you of your goals but they won’t come true on their own. It’s important to put in the work and you’ll soon see the results.

Use this board to think about the journey, not just the end result. 

Assembling the board

Now that you’ve gotten a few goals down, it’s time for the fun part! First, you want to think about where this board is going to go. Whether it’s a physical or digital board, make sure you can see it every single day. 

If it’s a physical board, make sure you have a place to print out your pictures. If digital, Canva or Google Slides are both free and easy ways to assemble your board. 

My favorite place to look for pictures is Pinterest. Its recent resurgence makes it the best place to find cute and diverse pictures. Another great and classic way is to look through magazines. No matter your goals, make sure it’s visually appealing to you. 

I also like to include a central quote in the middle and photos surrounding it. Something that resonates with you can be a great, daily reminder!

Make updates as needed

Sometimes, a goal doesn’t come true for whatever reason, and that’s okay.

On the other hand, if you already completed your goal, don’t stop there! If you have already read five books, make a new goal to read five more books. Or, if there is a new goal of yours, put it on there! The great thing about a vision board is that it’s never set in stone. Life happens, and you can change as much as possible!

This should not be a costly activity if you don’t want it to be. 

It’s fun embellishing your board to make it your own. If you want to add glitter, add some glitter! If you prefer to go a minimalistic route, that is great too. However, do not feel pressured to spend too much money decorating, buying the biggest poster, or printing out a million pictures. At the end of the day, the purpose of the board is to create something that is meaningful to your new year. 

Focus on your goals

If all of your friends have goals to go to the gym every single week, don’t feel pressured to do the same. It’s your own life and your own goals. If something doesn’t align with your lifestyle, then it’s not the goal for you.

That being said, making a vision board can be super fun with friends and family! It is a great way to encourage others to be their best selves and achieve their highest goals. Here’s to the new year!

Julliana is a junior at the University of Connecticut majoring in history and journalism. When she isn't trying to understand the fundamentals of ancient Vietnam in class, she enjoys watching reruns of Gilmore Girls, watching recently released movies, and listening to old music.