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How to Survive Midterm Exams

If we all had one wish at the moment, it would probably be to bring back syllabus week . The dreadful season of midterms is upon us, but with these tips, we can all make it through.

Organization is key

You might think you’re capable of memorizing assignments, exams, and due dates, but trust me, it’s easy to mess up dates when professors are assigning multiple things at once.  Buy a cute planner or a little white board to ensure you’re always on top of your game.  If you don’t want to spend money, set reminders in your phone’s calendar!

Index Cards = New BFFs

Finding free time in your busy life is tough, but squeezing in five minutes to review index cards won’t hurt you. Use index cards to write down terms and definitions as well as concepts and any other bits of information you think your professor will test you on.

Rewrite your notes

Take out your laptop, open up your notes, and start hand-writing everything down on a piece of notebook paper. Not only will it help you review what you’ve learned, but this technique is also said to help you remember more information.

Give up one Saturday night

While you may enjoy the party aspect of college, you have to remember that you’re paying thousands of dollars to take your classes… tragic, I know. Giving up one Saturday night to catch up on your school work will do you wonders. You know what they say, work first, party later.

Ask for help

Never be afraid to ask someone for help when you’re feeling lost. Your TAs and professors have office hours for a reason. Don’t let your confusion get in the way of your success!

Study Groups

Studying alone can be a bore at times so creating a group of three or more may be just the thing you need. While someone may be struggling on a topic, you may be the expert that person needs and vice versa! Exchanging notes really does help.

Get a good amount of sleep

Getting a solid eight hours is easier said than done, but you tend to get nowhere with a lack of sleep. Cramming the night before an exam sounds like a good idea until you’re in the exam room incredibly tired and realize you’ve forgotten every single piece of information you studied the night before. Don’t do it, catch your Z’s instead.

If all things fail…

Just remember that C’s get degrees… or you can take the class again next semester if you want a higher grade.  


Good luck on midterms collegiates! 




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