How to Make the Most of College Basketball Season

After the excruciatingly long wait, college basketball is finally back! It's the time to cheer loudly for our team, show school pride, and freak out when it's a total nail biter. To help you better navigate the world of being a college basketball fan we created this prep list to help you make the most of every game. 

1.) Wear tons of school apparel

There's nothing more fun than displaying your pride right?! So definitely go HAM and deck yourself out in those school colors.


2.) Sit in the student section

There is such a fun atmosphere in the student section that you won't want to miss. Between learning all the chants and getting to win prizes, nothing beats feeling the giant sense of pride you get while cheering on your team with so many other people. Plus, being in the student section will definitely keep you entertained because everyone is so hyped. 


3.) Get there early

Sitting in the front is so much fun because you get to see more of the action. But to be able to get good seats, you have to make sure you get to the game as early as possible. Trust me, the wait is worth it when you get the most awesome Instagram photos. 


4.) Bring your friends

Games are so much more enjoyable when you have someone to cheer along with, so drag your friends - even the ones that say they don't like basketball - because everyone likes basketball once they're there. 


5.) Prep your voice

Get your vocals ready... it's finally time to cheer loudly and proudly. Make sure you soothe your pipes with some nice tea before the game so you don't completely lose your voice (though this ends up happening to us every time anyway).



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