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It’s fair to say that almost everyone just feels more productive outside of their homes. For me at least, home is a place for relaxation, not work. Because of this, having the ability to get out of my own space greatly improves my ability to keep up a productive routine. Things like exercise, good eating habits, and our social lives, and academic work can take a hit during these times, but there are a few ways to make sure your routine is still productive and healthy while stuck inside. 

Mornings are essential

One thing I do to keep up my regular routine while home is treating my mornings as the most important part of the day. One way to do this is by waking up early and making sure to rise at the same time every day. This can help you get into a productive mindset starting first thing when you wake up, which can instill a positive mood for the rest of the day. Another thing that can help get you into a routine is making your bed every morning and making sure your room is clean and organized. Studies have shown that making your bed can affect your productivity and mood for the remainder of the day – a clean room means a clean mind! 

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Be mindful of time

When stuck at home all day every day, our perception of time can sometimes be lost as the hours go by. One thing that can help keep you in a productive groove is keeping a schedule of your week and sticking to it. It can be so helpful to block off time frames to get things done like exercise, homework, and hobbies. Keeping a calendar or planner can make this a lot easier!

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Go outside!

Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean you are restricted from the outside world. A great thing to keep up a healthy routine is by finding time during the week to spend some time outside. By going for runs or walks or just doing some exercises in your backyard, you can stay healthy and active while adhering to quarantine rules. One of my favorite things to do is morning or afternoon yoga in my backyard; it’s quiet and peaceful as well as a great way to get and stay in shape while still practicing social distancing. 

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Find time to be social

Although most of us are quarantined with our families, it’s a good idea to find time to still connect with your friends and extended family during this time. I try to call, text or facetime those I care about whenever I can; it makes the day go by a little faster. By making sociality a part of your regular routine, you can still feel connected to your friends and other loved ones even while stuck inside. It can be as loose or strict as you want or can handle, but finding at least a little time to connect can definitely take the edge off this stressful time.


One thing that has been helping me keep up a routine is finding new foods to cook. I love finding new recipes to cook for my family – make sure to leave 2 hours for cooking about 3 times a week to de-stress. By creating innovative ways to eat, you can stay on a healthy food schedule and avoid pigging out or snacking too much, all while improving your cooking skills and having fun!

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