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How Going Out Changes From Fall Semester to Spring Semester

UConn in the Fall and Spring feel like completely different colleges. The differences are like day and night. The weather is more indecisive than the boy you were talking to you. How can you wear clothes that are appropriate for the cold weather and can bear the excessive temperatures of a frat basement? Here are some of the most noticeable differences between the two semesters:


  1. Tailgates szn, baby. This is the only time of the year it is acceptable to drink an entire bottle of champagne before noon. Weekends with tailgates are weird though because you can’t really go out the night before because you risk being too hungover for the tailgate and it’s the ultimate rally to go out after.

  2. It’s HOT. The frat basements are atrocious. You can feel the sweat dripping down your arm, your hair is damp five seconds into being there and going outside just gives you access to more oxygen, not cooler temperatures.

  3. You can walk home from parties when they get shut down and waiting outside for a sober ride doesn’t suck. When there’s a cool summer’s night breeze, it’s not that bad waiting in the driveway for up to an hour for a ride home. Or, if you’re feeling it, take a nice stroll home and maybe work off some of the drinking you did.

  4. You still have your summer tan so you can wear white or other light colors. Speaking for myself, I don’t really wear white because I always seem to pour my drink on myself sometime throughout the night, but if I ever do it has to be right after summer ends when my tan (ha, or lack thereof) is still intact.

  5. Important holiday themed parties. Halloween AND Christmas! These are two of the more important holidays that are celebrated which means big opportunities for creative​ parties.


  1. It’s freaking cold. Sometimes it’s the type of cold where you contemplate going out. But if you do summon up the courage to go out, the cold weather works as AC for when the frat basement does get too hot. If anyone has the secret to staying warm without wearing a turtleneck while going out, hmu!  

  2. Snow days are a thing. Ted’s “When it Snows It Flows” special or when they cancel school early enough the day before where frats still have the opportunity to throw down the night before. And then you can just lay in bed hungover the next day watching Netflix watching the snowfall. That’s the dream.

  3. Parties on parties on parties. Is it just me or is there a lot more parties in the spring semester than fall. Without tailgates, there’s much more of an opportunity to throw down.

  4. The nickel line is horrendous. Why would you want to pay coat check when you can get hypothermia for free! The nickel line in February is deadly from the negative degree temperatures, and when it warms up even a little bit, it becomes way too long.

  5. DARTY! Ugh, is there a better time of year? The best feeling is being in class at 9 am and knowing that you’re going to be out in the sun, drinking, in a couple of hours. Wow, I can’t wait.

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