How to Cope This Fall Without a New One Direction Album

It’s been 18 long months of One Direction’s hiatus. This November will mark the second year in a row that we won’t be able to look forward to an iconic debut of a new One Direction album. It’s heartbreaking, so how do we cope this season? How can we throw our own personal dance party without new, legendary bops like those of the past: "What Makes You Beautiful", "One Thing", "Kiss You", etc. 


Put All of Your 1D Songs On Shuffle, Lay Down, and Cry 

Acceptance is key in overcoming one’s grief, and to accept the hiatus of 1D, and the lack of a new album, you just have to let it all out. Be grateful for what you have (Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, Four, and Made in the A.M.) rather than hoping for the impossible. 

Suck It Up and Have a Throwback Dance Party

Once you're done crying, get up and start dancing. Just because there’s no new music doesn’t mean you need to abandon the oldies. There’s nothing better than blasting an iconic bop like “I Would” or "Best Song Ever" and dancing around your room.


Listen to Harry Styles’ New Album, Harry Styles

Yes, 1D is on hiatus, but that won't stop the boys from releasing bangers of their own. Harry Styles’ new album is just the cure for your hopelessness and longing for new 1D music. From slow-ballad songs like Sign of the Times, to upbeat and fast-paced songs like Kiwi, you won’t be disappointed. Throw in From the Dining Table for a good cry or Woman if you're feeling yourself. 


Better Yet, Watch Harry’s New Music Video for Kiwi

Cute kids, food fights, puppies and Harry Styles; what more could you want?

Listen to Niall’s New Album, Flicker

Again, the 1D boys may not be together anymore, but they’re not done making music, and Niall’s new album is absolutely breathtaking. Songs like Mirrors and Since We're Alone will have you in your feels, while songs like On the Loose and Slow Hands will put you in... a certain kind of mood, if you know what we mean. 


Listen to Zayn's, Louis', and Liam’s New Singles

Back in September, Zayn released his song and music video “Dusk Till Dawn.” Last month Louis released his new song “Just Like You,” and Liam released his new single, “Bedroom Floor.” One Direction may be on break, but that just means more solo work to listen to!

Go Back to The Old Days

You know, the days in middle school where you would watch stupid videos of those silly boys sitting on the stairs all day. Whether it was the video diaries, interviews or behind the scenes music videos, you watched these guys be idiots for hours on end and loved every second of it.

There's no doubt we’re all suffering this fall with the lack of new 1D music, but there are ways to cope and get through these hard times together. 

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