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Hot Celebs to Warm You Up This Winter

As the cold settles in and you feel you may be entrenched in snow for the rest of your life, take solace in the fact that the snow will for sure someday melt and these men will be around all year.

Patrick Dempsey

McDreamy will doctor away your winter blues.


Dylan O’Brien

This teen wolf knows how to hibernate right.


David Beckham

A workout with David Beckham will warm you right up.


Derek Theler

No explanation necessary.


Channing Tatum

It doesn’t get better than this.


Bradley Cooper

Hi, yes, I’d marry you even if I had to do it outside in a snowstorm.


Zac Efron

He just gets better and better with age.


Chris Pratt

He’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll forget the cold.


Tom Brady

Gisele may be the luckiest woman on this planet.


Justin Bieber

Justin’s voice will keep you soothed on late winter nights.


Jesse Williams

Those eyes…


Adam Levine

Hello, gorgeous.


Liam Hemsworth

The Australians know all about the heat.


Ryan Gosling

“Hey girl, wanna cuddle in front of a fire?”


Ryan Reynolds

Perfection in one mind-meltingly gorgeous person.


Donald Glover

A.K.A. Childish Gambino.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Always hot.


Chris Pine​

Eyes prettier than any snow scene.


Henry Cavill

Superman has gotcha covered.


Happy winter, ladies!

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