Hilary Banks Inspired 90s Fashion Trends That Need To Come Back

If there's one TV show that epitomizes the gaudy, loud, but amazing, style of the early 90s, it's The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. And if there's one way to ensure we ace all the trends of the era, it's by turning to Hilary Banks for style advice. Hilary Banks was one of the 90s' ultimate fashionistas. This Bel-Air beauty knew how to dress for just about any occasion and mastered the art of wearing the most luxurious of brands and keeping it classy and chic. 


1. The Power Suit

The Classic Hilary ensemble: A nautical-style hat, drop pearl earrings (with a matching pearl necklace), and a strong-shouldered suit. Hilary’s blazer mannerisms included shoulder pads, an array of Crayola colors including crimsons and royal blues – often magnified with gold buttons.


2. Long High-Waisted Shorts

This is one of Hil's more dressed-down looks. The deep-V tee and high-waisted denim shorts are giving off that chic summer camp vibe. This was such a casual ensemble for Hilary and I loved every bit of it. 


3. The Boho Chic of the 90s

Is there anything more 90s than this picture? The terracotta backdrop, the side-stool pose, the mossy lace maxi skirt, the yarny knit. Even when Hilary traded in her well-tailored suits for an off-the-shoulder, crocheted sweater and eclectic jewelry, she was still the epitome of fabulousness.


4. The Simple, Short, and Sassy Prom Dress

She won prom queen, right? Sleeveless or long-sleeved, Hilary knew how to style many dresses with a plunging neckline.


5. Turtle Neck Bodycon Dress

A Pepsi-blue turtleneck dress that's both shoulder-padded and belted because, why not? Pinks, red, blues and purples paired with prints were a staple at the beginning of the series, and if you didn’t have at least five turtlenecks during winter time back in the day, you couldn’t be taken seriously.


6. Maxi Skirt Suit

Yes, yes, and more yes to Hilary's fitted blazer and maxi skirt combo. Hilary usually wears suits, but a blazer can go with anything, even a skirt which transforms your look from business to casual in a second. This head-to-toe cherry skirt suit is taken to boss level by the front split and chunky gold chain. Enough said.


7. Bowler Hats (Or Any Bold Accessories)

Sometimes what makes an outfit isn't necessarily the ensemble itself, but the accessories atop it.  For instance, a simple outfit can be totally transformed with a chunky necklace, a bright set of bracelets, and a bold pair of shoes. A bowler hat is a cute accessory to have in the fall. Like Hilary, you can go bold with any color or wear a black bowler with a splash of color on it.



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