Get Ready for Marathon Monday in Boston

Monday’s are always tough, especially this late in the semester. Thankfully, there is one Monday in April everyone should be looking forward to. And that’s Marathon Monday.  So if you were looking for a reason to pass on your Monday classes, search no more!  The Boston Marathon is a perfect reason to drop what you’re doing for a day of fun. And if you don’t believe me, here are some awesome things about the marathon that you may not know.

The history:

If history is your thing, the marathon is the place to be. The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon in the world, with the first race being held in 1897. 118 years of marathons is quite a tradition, and Boston is proud of it.

The Marathon falls each year on the third Monday of April, coinciding with the Massachusetts state holiday, Patriots Day. Patriots Day commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, and gives the whole state a day off to enjoy war reenactments and some Marathon fun.

The fans:

If you’re a people person, Marathon Monday is the perfect opportunity to meet some friendly Bostonians. It’s been estimated that over 80 percent of Boston residents attend. Regardless of the weather, everyone is out, excited, and cheering on the athletes!

The Runners:

If you’re a runner yourself, you know what it’s like getting through your workout. And for many of us, once we realize that the friendly marathoners give high fives and smiles while completing 26.1 miles in about 4-5 hours, your gym routine doesn’t seem quite as bad.

While some may think they’re crazy, these athletes take what they do very seriously. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a little fun too. It’s common to see some crazy getups from the athletes.

The Camaraderie:

Almost two years after the tragic attack at the finish line of the race, Boston has come a long way. What happened that day united the city and has only made Boston stronger. The morale among runners and fans at the race has never been higher as Boston comes together to reflect on the past and celebrate the race.

So mark your calendar’s everyone, this year’s marathon is sure to be just as exciting as the last 118 of them!

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