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Floorcest: What Happens When Your Boyfriend Lives Next Door

Having a boyfriend in college can have its complexities depending on the situation. There are numerous scenarios when dealing with boyfriend drama whether it’s distance, different schedules, or even commitment in general. However what if your boyfriend lives only a few doors away?
It’s a lot more common than girls realize. You move into your new dorm and that cute guy down the hall catches your eye. Sometimes you can’t help it but to fall for one another despite being in extremely close proximity. It’s great to find someone to be with that is just a few feet away but with any relationship there is always the positive and negative side of this situation.

Let’s begin with the positive of having a significant other just down the hall. You know where to find him and can basically hang out at all odd hours of the night which is a great way to end a day. You can easily plan when to grab meals, watch movies, talk to, and someone to snuggle with at night (of course if your roomie is cool with it). When you are having hard day of classes it’s something to look forward to at the end of the day.

It’s great to have him close by especially when you just want to be close to him however there is the other darker side of having a boyfriend on the same floor. Although it’s great to have him there all the time, there comes a point where space becomes essential. Having a significant other on the floor runs the risk of not having enough space between the two of you. There is the possibility of getting sick of one another depending on the strength of your relationship. Also there is the awkward break-up if it escalates to that. You need to remember that you will be facing this person for the rest of the semester and will often be running into them. There is also the problem if either of you made friends with the floor that can also put your floor mates in a weird position. So be sure if you do break-up that the two of you make an agreement to be on good terms so neither one of you is uncomfortable as well as your floor mates.

Despite the pros and cons there is also the happy medium or simply the middle ground of having boyfriend on the floor. You learn a lot about one another when you live in really close proximity, such as their usual daily routine. You learn whether they like to sleep in, get up early, and even their nightly habits. When they are around an area they feel comfortable in their true personality comes out. This learning process can really test the strength of your relationship and determine how long you will last together.

If you are in a relationship now with someone from your floor have no fear and just go with your true instincts on what steps to take.  A boyfriend on the floor can be a lot of fun.

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