Fashion Trends You'll see This Winter

Tonal Dressing 

Say goodbye to no white after Labor Day! Another major Winter 2020 fashion trend is tonal dressing. This is any neutrals all of the same color tone put into one outfit. All components of the outfit should be some shade of a neutral color. This trend is most commonly done with beiges, whites, tans, and browns usually all with a warmer tone. Make a bigger statement by adding hats, purses and other accessories. Bonus points if the shoes match too! 

Long coats

Really excited the winter trends this year are catering to the cold North East weather AND not having to sacrifice fashion for warmth. This trend combines the two! Long pea coat style winter jackets are all the rage this season. These jackets are not only comfortable but super cute, usually seen with a plaid pattern to give you that chic London/Sherlock Holmes look, or a cozy sherpa material usually paired with a bold statement color. Pair this jacket with some cute jeans, boots and a hat and you have the perfect outfit for that New York City trip this holiday season. 



Blair Waldorf who? Been LOVING the headband look recently! It not only makes me feel nostalgic of the early 2000’s but is also the perfect way to spice up a more common every-day look. Pair a velvet black headband with a black sweater, jeans and some hoop earrings and you’ll instantly look more fashionable and on trend. 


Puffer jacket 

This trend started to gain its peak popularity in the fall season with a more cropped puffer jacket look that was more suitable for the transitional temperatures. But, my prediction is that this trend will remain popular all throughout this winter. You may see it transition to oversized puffers instead of the cropped versions you’ve probably been seeing. The oversized look will give off a more boujee, high fashion, street style vibe. 


Blazer sets

This trend is giving me serious girl boss vibes, and who doesn’t love that? These sets are usually seen in either a houndstooth, tweed, or plaid fabric. They are either a blazer and skirt set, which is my personal favorite, or a blazer and pants giving a much more professional vibe. Either way this trend is super unique and something im persoanlly super excited came back into style. I picture this being something young carrie bradshaw might like, ESPECIALLY with the shoulder pads. This look is perfect for a gal who wants to take on the professional world while still rocking the trends. 


Bite Size Bags and Fashionable Fanny Packs

This trend is definitely catered more towards accessorizing rather than practicality of it, but I. Am. Here for it. I think it's a really unique way of getting in that extra pop of color or texture and adding to an outfit. Adding a printed fanny pack around the waist to cinch it in a big sweater can definitely spice it up and make it super insta worthy. If you aren’t in the mood to carry a huge bag but just want to accessorize and carry some cash around with you, this is the perfect option. 



From overall dresses, to jackets, to pants corduroy is a huge trend this fall and winter season. Corduroy pieces typically come in all different colors and can add a lot of texture to an outfit. This is sort of a spin off from the velvet trend that was huge last winter. The added texture to an outfit can make it  that much trendier. Corduroy can give a laid back vibe but in a fashionable way. 




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