Fall Lookbook: Days of The Week Edition

The fall season is arguably the best season when it comes to fashion. It’s the perfect sweet spot in between summer and winter when it comes down to the weather. You get to pull out all your cute boots, but you don’t have to trade in your denim jacket for a massive parka just yet. I challenged myself to put together different outfits for each day (almost each day) of the week that incorporated some of the most essential fall fashion trends. 



I decided to start the week off strong with a, if I do say so myself, really well color coordinated outfit. If there is ever a time that you can get away with wearing this much mustard yellow, it’s definitely in the fall. I absolutely love how the color off the jackets pops out even more when paired against medium wash boyfriend jeans, which are another must have for this fall season. 



If this outfit doesn’t remind you have pumpkin patches, Hocus Pocus, and cider donuts, then I’m not sure what will. From the mock neck, to the colors on the top, to the corduroy pants, this outfit is perfect compliment to the season. Corduroy anything is a huge fall trend this year, but if you wanted to incorporate another trend to really tie in the look, try throwing on a classic baker boy hat (peep the cover photo).



By Wednesday, midterms were in full swing for me, so I wanted to give myself something comfortable but still stylish to wear. I paired a colorful statement knit with cozy leggings and some high socks and high-top converse to finish off the look. I love this outfit because its simplicity makes it easy to dress up. If you’re trying to go for a more edgy type of look, add a black denim jacket and try swapping out the converse for Doc Martens. 



This just in, white pants can still be worn past Labor Day! I used to think that white pants only had a place in the Spring or Summer season, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and I’m definitely a fan. There’s something about wearing white jeans over regulars jeans that really just elevates the look of any outfit. You also just can’t go wrong with wearing a fleece jacket in Fall. 



What better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than with a cute outfit. Plaid skirts and riding boots are two trendy items that have become Fall wardrobe staples. They are both super easy to dress up or dress down, and if you put them together like I did, you really can’t go wrong. If I was taking this outfit off campus, I would pair it with a small shoulder bag or backpack and a hair scarf.  



Corduroy jackets make the perfect outerwear for the fall because they’re light enough for those sunny days, but you can always wear layers for added warmth on windy days. While two-tone jeans have been a must-have trend since as early as spring of 2019, they have been a great transition piece from summer to fall. Between the navy blue corduroy jacket and the two-tone jeans, it's hard to decide who the star of the show is in this outfit and that’s what I like about it. 



Sunday is a day of rest for many college students, a day to binge watch plenty of Halloween movies, while you pretend to get work done. My best recommendation is to throw on your coziest sweatpants, a cute sweater, and some fuzzy socks to go along with your much needed day off. That’s pretty much exactly what I did.

Fall is a great time to try your hand at styling some of the season’s best trends, but as a quick sidenote, many of the pieces pictured were actually purchased at a thrift store. Constantly buying into trends can get expensive and wasteful because we know they don’t always last forever. The next time you want to try something new with your style, try visiting your local thrift store first, you’ll be surprised by what you can find. Shopping second-hand lets you experiment with fashion, while being a little more sustainable and it’s super budget friendly for the majority  that’s rocking that ‘broke college kid’ lifestyle.