Fall Lookbook: College Student Edition

Let’s get real, as a college student, keeping up with and trying to incorporate trendy pieces into your wardrobe can be daunting. We all like to think we have the confidence and funds of an Instagram model, but that's not always the case. Regardless, the Fall season is the perfect time to hunt for some affordable trends and try your hand at styling them. I did, and this is how it went...

The Overalls

Denim overalls, a white tee, and classic high-top Converse screams Fall, and I LOVE it. This outfit is an excellent to dip your toe into one of the most popular fall trends, overalls. If you’re looking to spice up this simplistic look, throw on a cropped tee and some chunky sneakers.

The Gingham 

Gingham, gingham, gingham, it's been everywhere. This has been one of the trendiest prints for over a year now, and gingham pants is no exception. In fact, any printed and tapered trouser has been huge on and off the runway.

The T-Shirt

Wearing men's t-shirts as dresses has become the new casual chic for many. Accessories with some tube socks like I did to really pull the look together. If your trying to go for more of an edgy look, swap the sneakers for some Doc Marten boots.

The Corduroy

You can’t think of Fall fashion and not think of the classic corduroy skirt. For this look, I wanted to go a little beyond the typical black/brown buttons down the middle corduroy skirt, so I went for a pink on that eighty-sixes the buttons. To keep the look fresh and trendy, I paired it with matching pink checkered Vans, but it can easily be dressed up with some class white heeled booties.

The Windbreaker 

There is nothing wrong dressing down for a day, especially if you’re on that busy college student grind. I let this vintage style U.S. Army windbreaker be the star of the show in this look. If you’re not feeling the athletic/athleisure vibe here, dress up the jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair high top Nike Air Force 1’s. 

The Cargo 

Popular companies like Fashion Nova have been giving a nod to the infamous cargo pants from the 90’s, but with a contemporary twist. This outfit also features one of the trendiest belts to hit the scene (yeah, the one that looks like a seatbelt). Here’s a pro-tip: these pants paired with a black long sleeve and combat boots would make and amazing Kim Possible costume for Halloween.


I am no fashion expert, but I truly enjoy trying to incorporate trends, whether it's a new piece, texture, print, or style into my wardrobe. At the end of the day, don’t let the fear of trying something new stop you from doing it sis.