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Adele, who is notorious for naming her albums consecutively with her age, is set to release her newest tracks on November 19th of 2021. It has been a long-awaited five years since her most recent album, “25”, was released. Just seeing all the craze that her latest single, “Easy On Me”, has drawn from millions of people shows how she is genuinely one of the most influential artists of our generation. Recently, the media and spotlight have been highlighting Adele, as she is this fall’s November cover star for Vogue. Being featured in the cover story for Vogue draws attention like no other, as the title itself is considered a grand achievement and career milestone. 

As I began reading Vogue’s November cover story, I instantly had an appreciation for the author and interviewer, Abby Aguirre, as she referenced Adele as the “Queen of Hearts” while also calling another side of her “Civilian Adele.” Aguirre's workouts, lunches, and casual conversations with Adele show Adele's true authenticity and genuine nature to make everyone she meets feel like a friend. Reading this article allows everyone to understand Adele as a real person, and not as a soulless A-list celebrity. Her personality shines so brightly through Aguirre's intricate details about the simple conversations they had while doing typical everyday things. 

The main focus of Aguirre’s piece is generally Adele’s music. Three albums and fifteen Grammy wins later, her career is still taking off. In the article, Aguirre discusses how Adele was able to play her songs from her new album and was genuinely interested in Aguirre's feedback and reaction. Hearing this, it is clear that this next album is crafted out of vulnerability and sheer authenticity, which is different from her previous albums. Adele notes that her previous albums, expressing heartbreak and sadness, grew to belong to all of her listeners. However, she expresses that the upcoming album is far different, as it includes themes of self-growth and many inspirations from famous artists of numerous different genres. 

Growing up listening to Adele, I have always admired her as a true artist with an undeniable voice. Reading Aguirre's November cover issue that discusses Adele’s journey with music, friends, heartbreak, love, family, and fame, I was able to gain even more respect than I already had for Adele. The countdown has begun for her next album’s debut and is causing excitement and impatience, like a child on Christmas Eve, for thousands of people. Although I was quite young at the time, I will always remember listening to her album “19” and watching her grow as an individual as a consistent name on my playlists. 

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Natalie is a junior at the University of Connecticut studying Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. Even if she is running, cycling, or reading a book you can always find her listening to classic rock records.
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