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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

The fashion industry has come under a LOT of scrunity within the past year. With movements, documentaries, and public figures, all speaking out against “fast fashion,” consumers have become intimately aware of the business practices their dollars support.

What people seem to talk a lot less about, at least for the time being, is ethical beauty. Just like the fashion industry, some makeup / skincare brands are more ethical than others. But culling out your makeup bag is just as daunting a task as cleansing your closet. 


First up is the Wild Spirit fragrance line! From earthy and warm scents, to fragrant florals, to crisp pines, Wild Spirit’s collection has just enough options to suit every occasion without being overwhelming. My personal favorite is Chill.

Second on my favorite list is Rejuva Minerals’ Tinted Moisturizer! Sometimes, just the idea of wearing full coverage foundation makes your pores heavy. This moisturizer provides a medium amount of coverage and manages to keep a dewy look without being oily. 

I also recommend their makeup remover pads!

The next recommendation is more of a favorite brand than a product. Mad Hippie is a fantastic company that knows how to produce a quality product without sacrificing their ethical priorities! A particular favorite of mine is their Cheek and Lip Tints (I highly suggest checking out the Plum color for some nice ~autumnal~ vibes).

Definitely look into their mascara while you’re at it! The brush is designed for both length and volume.

Moving onto skin care, I have to mention Mad Hippie’s line up. Their hydrating Antioxidant Facial Oil is fantastic and their Vitamin C Serum has been featured pretty much everywhere at this point! If you frequent beauty blogs, it’ll look very familiar.


Finally, I want to mention Essence, which is another great drug-store option! You’ve probably seen their mascara in a number of beauty articles already on Buzzfeed, Seveteen, etc. It’s a cult favorite.

I also recommend their highlighter as a cheaper, and more ethical, dupe for  higher end brands.

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