Entertainment for Empowered Women

As a woman in today’s society, I am extremely grateful to the ones who fought before my time for the rights I enjoy today. When watching movies and TV, it's always nice to find content that reminds me of the importance of empowering and supporting all women. Here are some of my favorites. 


Handmaid's Tale

This quasi-post apocalyptic show provides a disturbingly realistic glimpse into a world with no women’s rights. The show follows a young mother through the downfall of America after the country is transformed into an extremist society. The new laws in what’s left of America are based on traditional family values and religion, leaving women with no rights. Handmaid’s Tale has won countless awards, and has an incredible and eye-opening plot. If you’re looking for something intense and exciting, this show is a great one to check out.


Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures tells the true story of 3 women working for NASA, specifically Katherine Johnson, and their experience in segregated Virginia. The film is gripping, emotional and reminds women (particularly women of color) that they are just as capable and deserving of education as anyone else. The film reminds women to fight for their right to work and learn. Because this film is based on a true story, it enlightens the audience to the intelligent women behind NASA’s early space programs that aren’t necessarily taught about in most history courses (which is arguably the point of the film). 


Thelma and Louise

If you’re looking for the perfect empowering chick flick, Thelma and Louise is a perfect one. This film follows 2 best friends as they try to maneuver an unfortunate series of events. It’s a journey of sisterhood and strength. The story has hints about sexism in the law, while also inspiring a sense of strength and empowerment. This movie will make any woman feel like a badass capable of overcoming anything. 


A League of Their Own

This is another great chick flick that inspires feelings of leadership, friendship and teamwork. A League of Their Own tells the semi-fictionalized story of the All American Women’s Baseball League and the girls that join the teams. This is a great story about women entering a field mainly dominated by men and the struggles that women experience in sports. This is one film that turns “throwing like a girl” into a compliment.


Little Fires Everywhere

This is a complicated one - the series is not overtly about women empowerment but the complexity and strength of both lead female characters is undeniable. It follows 2 very opposite mothers and the struggles they face with each other and their daughters. I find this series to be a great story of motherhood and friendship, while also proving the strength and intelligence behind a woman’s actions. This series is based on a novel, and is an exciting and interesting watch that will make you think about the world and the people around you.