Enjoy Jalapeño Bacon Mac 'N Cheese Without Getting Arrested

In what seemed like a matter of minutes, the internet of every UConn student was flooded with the disturbing sights and sounds of a disorderly student verbally and physically assaulting a calm and collected manager of the Union Street Market in a desperate search for “jalapeño bacon mac’n cheese.”  This flavor was not even available at the Union at the time (although they seem to be embracing the fame now).

If you, for some reason, haven't seen the video, you can watch it here (Note: Language NSFW).

Poor kid was arrested before he ever had a chance to taste his scrumptious food.  But, don’t worry! Her Campus UConn has scoured the interwebs for the most delicious recipes for the infamous Jalapeño Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese.  With a little elbow grease, anyone can make it without throwing a temper tantrum!  And the ingredients probably cost less than bailing yourself out of jail. #You’reWelcome


1. Garganelli Mac ‘N Cheese with Roasted Jalapeños and Bacon

Recipe by Cabot Cheese


2. Guy Fieri’s Mac Daddy Mac ‘N Cheese

via Food Network

How can anyone say no to this guy?

3. Self Proclaimed Foodie’s Bacon Jalapeño Mac ‘N Cheese

Gooey deliciousness.

4. The Comfort of Cooking’s Creamy Stovetop Jalapeño Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese



[Thumbnail image: Self Proclaimed Foodie]