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End of the Semester as Told by Buddy the Elf

As December approaches, college students face the joys of the holiday seasons while simultaneously battling the struggles of finals season. Buddy the Elf, wandering aimlessly around New York City just trying to get it together, encapsulates just how students feel by the end of the semester.

You’re suddenly faced with the fear of checking your grades online to determine just how bad you can perform in the next few weeks.

But you have to make sure you party one last time before heading home for the holidays. You may even find yourself putting more special syrup in your drinks than normal.

After your last hurrah of a weekend, Monday sets in. It’s the last week before the dreaded week of finals. That’s when you find out your final is actually cumulative.

That’s when the fear finally ensues. There’s only one way to cope with it: stress-eating. Who needs a cheat day when December is a cheat month?

On your last official class of the semester, you try to make moves with the cute guy or girl in the lecture hall before it’s too late.

The day has finally arrived: your first exam. You look around at the sea of new people who haven’t shown up to class once throughout the semester. The lecture hall is completely full for the first time. 

Your professor hands the exam to you.  You read the very first question and don’t recognize a single word. 

So naturally, you curse yourself for not spending your time studying. Granted, there was no time to study when online shopping had to be done. It was a time sensitive sale!

And you also had to make all your plans with your hometown friends over break! There really was no time for studying when festivities were in the works.

Then your anger shifts to your professor. Of course they said the exam would be easy they created in and have a PhD in the subject. You barely read the syllabus.


But before you know it, the week comes to a close, all your finals are handed in, and you’re on the way home for the holidays.

Now you can officially get in the holiday spirit without finals week fear looming in your head.


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Brenna is a senior communication student and the vice president of Her Campus UConn. She can be found getting emotional over sports, curating Spotify playists, or geeking out over Star Wars. 
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