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Elizabeth Crowley ’13


This week’s Campus Celebrity, Elizabeth Crowley, is the newly elected Editor-In-Chief for The Daily Campus.

Name: Elizabeth Crowley
Year: Junior
Major: Double Major in Journalism and Biology
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
How did you become interested in journalism?
Growing up my mom always had the news on and newspapers were always in the house so I grew up in that type of environment.  Then in high school, I started writing for the school newspaper freshman year and for my last two years I was the Co-Editor-In-Chief.  I really love news and telling stories so I like being able to deliver the news to people.
How did you become involved with The Daily Campus?
I transferred to UConn my sophomore year and was looking to get involved in something I was interested in while also meeting people with similar interests.  My friend Brian Zahn, who will be the Managing Editor for The Daily Campus next year, brought me along to the first news meeting of the year and I have been involved ever since.
What will some of your responsibilities be as Editor-In-Chief?
I will be responsible for running The Daily Campus and the business management side of getting the paper out every day.  Generally, I will be keeping up with each department to make sure everything is running smoothly.  A main responsibility will also be handling the current financial situation of The Daily Campus since we did not get the fee increase that we were hoping.
What are you most excited about in this new position? 
I am looking forward to the challenge of the position and figuring out the budget situation that the paper is facing right now.
What is your dream job?
To be the Producer of the NBC Nightly News.

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