Easy Autumn Vegan Meal Prep Ideas

Fall foods are my favorite foods. I am unapologetically obsessed with apples (um, apple pies, apple cider, and apple cider donuts?), pumpkins, and roasted veggies. And as of late, I have been trying to become more plant-based. A lot of people may think of vegan as boring and unappealing, but I am here to show you just how versatile, delicious, and easy it is to make Autumn-inspired vegan meal prep dishes. With all of these dishes, you can make larger batches for the whole week. 

  1. These delicious oatmeal jars make it perfectly acceptable to eat apple pie first thing in the morning. 

  2. The versatility of this dish is endless. You can switch up the veggies, the sauces, the spices, and even add vegan meat substitutes. 

  3. The spices in carrot cake make this the perfect fall breakfast. Imagine this paired with your favorite coffee drink. 

  4. I like chili. I like sweet potatoes. I like lime. This would be amazing with some garlic bread or rice. 

  5. I think people might get weirded out by pumpkin in their pasta but fear not, it actually makes it very creamy and has a subtle flavor. 

  6. Mac and cheese is one of those comfort meals that I am a sucker for as the weather gets colder. This recipe adds a sophisticated twist on the classic dish. 

  7. I love that this salad features roasted veggies and quinoa for additional protein. 

  8. Slow cooker meals are one of my favorite meals to make because they're so simple but so rich in flavor. I'm sure this hearty dish will warm you up for dinner. 

  9. I love pot pies. I love hearty dinners and pot pies are another comfort food that is perfect for the fall. My mouth is watering already. 

  10. Bonus dish! I love pumpkin rolls because my mom used to make them a lot when I was younger. I was super excited seeing an easy vegan version of this delicious dessert. 

I think a lot of people have these ideas that they can't enjoy vegan food because it is plant-based. However, all of these recipes are packed with flavor and will keep you warm during the chilly Autumn nights.