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Drunk Thoughts Every UConn Student Has

A night out is always a fun time, even if you don’t always remember it the next morning.  A night out at UConn will have you thinking these thoughts after two shots too many.


“It’s definitely a good idea to order myself a whole pizza right now or an entire pound of Wings Over.”

Or both… is Blaze still open?


“Why did I wear these shoes?”

Heels are a nightmare and frat basements ruin your shoes every. Single. Time.


“Why can’t I have five dogs living in my dorm with me?”

Our mascot is a Husky so I think it should be allowed.


“Omg that’s the girl who sits three seats down from me in lecture…I should go hug her.”

*Instantly become best friends* *Sees each other next day and don’t speak a word to one another*


“I am the mf hottest b in this mf bar, I am a god.”

Tequila got me feelin’ myself.


“Why is Sergeant Pepps out of pizza slices?”

*followed by irrational tears of anger*


“Where do all these cute boys hide during the day? Is he actually a 9 or a 5?”

Or do I just have major drunk goggles right now?


“I NEED a calzone.”

D.P. Dough and nickel is a dangerous combination.


“Do you think the delivery driver will be cute?”


“Did I need to mix whiskey and tequila??? No.”


“Why do I do this on a Tuesday?”

Because Tuesday is Trivia.  Why do I ever do this ever though is the real question.


“Did my hair really look like that all night?”

And why did no one tell me?


“Why did I dress like it’s summer when I have to wait half an hour outside in the line for nickel?”



“I just want to go to bed. Why did I put on all this makeup? It’s Teds.”

“Are the buses still running? Do I have to walk home?”


“Need. Water. Now.” 


Inspired by: Drunk Thoughts About LeMoyne

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