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David Slattery

Name: David Slattery

Academic Year: Sophomore

Height: 6’2

Ethnicity: Spanish, Columbian, and Irish

Relationship Status: Taken

Hometown: Guilford, CT

Dorm: Hilltop

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Job: I work in a biomedical research lab at Yale (his boss is Nobel Prize winner James E. Rothman).

Dream job: A neural or spinal surgeon, but I really want to join the Peace Corps after I graduate

Clubs are you involved in: Boxing Club, it’s a good workout!

Describe yourself in three words: Independent, altruistic, motivated

Favorite website: Reddit

Favorite restaurant: Any of the New Haven pizza places, like Bar Pizza

Favorite dining hall: Towers

Favorite food: Seafood

Traits you find attractive in a girl: Intelligent, down to earth, and mature

What’s your idea of a good date: I like to take my girlfriend out for a nice dinner or we stay in and watch a movie

Favorite television series: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead

Favorite UConn athlete: Amida Brimah

Favorite sports team: The Barcelona soccer team

Favorite music: Hans Zimmer movie soundtracks

Would you time travel to the past or future: Back in time

Favorite travel spots: I’d like to travel more but so far Spain is my favorite because of the food. In Italy, Venice has a fun atmosphere and the idea of a floating city ranks it high.

Biggest pet peeve: Poor table manners

Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks: Dunkin

Favorite superhero: Ironman (total man crush on Robert Downy Jr.)

Celebrity crush: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite book: Anything but Dan Brown

What is your spirit animal: Jaguar

Pets: My dog Leo! (he is a Havanese)

Favorite car: Lamborghini

Political issue you care about: The education system in the US; changing everything from the cost to the curriculum.

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