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They’re not kidding when they say, “you’ll find love when you least expect it.” Here’s a little POV: It’s the start of the pandemic, classes are starting to get canceled, hand sanitizer has turned into gross smelling slime, and my relationship is now #official. Uhh, now what?! 

See, I’ve never been one to be over the top with dates and the whole shabang, but I’m a sucker for movie nights and cuddles… so how do you go about dating when physical interaction is limited? Here are some things I have done to navigate dating during a pandemic. 


1. Talk, Talk, Talk 
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We all know communication is key, yet it’s not always easy to express yourself. No worries, you’re not alone! It’s exciting to learn about your partner and the commonalities you share, but it does come with vulnerability. Being open and honest takes time and is practiced with each conversation. Luckily, we can still do that in a pandemic! Take this time to text, FaceTime, or call your partner. Ask them about their favorite memory growing up or what gives them the heebie-jeebies, and progress from there. With time you’ll be able to learn each other’s communication style, express your feelings more effectively, and grow closer to each other. 


2. The Little Things Matter 

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There is nothing more heartwarming than to know you’re being thought of. If you’re fortunate enough to be within driving distance from your partner’s home, consider dropping off a little something that reminds you of them. You could even take it way back with some old-school romance and write them a love letter. Receiving mail from your significant other is always a delightful surprise, and who knows, maybe you two could make it a thing! 


3. Movie Night 
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I’m not gonna lie, I do miss half-off Tuesdays at the movie theatre, but Netflix Party isn’t too shabby. Just think about it like this: you’re in the comfort of your own home, there’s the chat box for instant reactions, and if you’re a foodie like me, you get the popcorn bowl all to yourself! 


4. Make a Shared Playlist 

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I love finding new music, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting the fuzzies when my boyfriend sends me a song that makes him think of me. A playlist filled with songs you both enjoy is another way to further your connection, and plus, it makes for great concerts in the shower.   


5. Get Outdoors

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Fresh air is always a good idea. Go on a hike, enjoy a picnic, watch the sunrise or sunset (while of course following your local COVID-19 guidelines).

Isabella is a sophomore communications & Human Development Family Science's major at The University of Connecticut. As an advocate for human rights, growing photographer, and aspiring poet, Isabella enjoys writing on wellness, lifestyle, and social topics. Check out her poems on Instagram @isabella_desouzaa
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