Curly Girl Confessions

Curly Girl Confessions

Pre-poo; who is she? 

Ah yes, the infamous pre-poo. For those of you who don’t know, a pre-poo is like a mini deep conditioning treatment you apply to your hair to protect it from being stripped from your shampoo. It is typically done before you shampoo, hence pre-poo. I understand the reasoning behind it but i just choose not to do it. I feel like pre-poo is actually for the people who have the time to love their hair. . . I definitely do not. 

I do not finger detangle

I am an absolute monster when it comes to detangling my hair. I have zero patience for knots. Mind you, I create the biggest bird nest in the back of my head the day before wash day because I always decide to rush my ponytails. Being careless while styling and being careless on wash day should be a crime. With all the clumps of hair I have ended up ripping out of my head, I should have been able to make a wig by now.  

I do not have a curly hair routine 

People constantly ask me “what do you put in your hair?”. . . well sometimes nothing. I love asking other curly girls what they use because they take out a whole bible filled with the curly hair products they use in the morning, at night, during snack time and even during lecture! I mean I think it’s pretty sick. I think it is so cool to have an actual routine but as for myself, i’d be lucky if I even remember to refresh my curls before leaving my house. I do at least always wear my satin scarf every night! I should get some points for that. 

Deep conditioning every week? HA. 

Trust me, I really do wish I deep conditioned every week or at least a few times a month but I genuinely suck at organizing my time. I am definitely aware of the benefits that deep conditioning has for your hair but this is more of me just being lazy and unorganized more than anything. 

Sometimes, I hate my curls.

Yes. Its true. I have a very bad habit of comparing my curls to others. It’s always the same routine. I scroll on instagram to look for hairstyle inspo and BAM! Here comes this curly headed goddess showing off her healthy locs. Trust me, I have been natural for almost 3 years now and I love my curls because of the transformation they underwent, but sometimes I do feel like im still in the transitioning phase. 

                                                                                                            3 years ago vs. now 

Now I am not bashing any of my curly headed queens out there. I still love watching your YouTube videos of your extremely intricate curly hair regimens. In all honesty, if you do anything I listed above,  more power to you! I've got to say, it is not as easy as most of you make it look. And for all my other lazy naturals, you are not alone. I can guarantee that there are plenty of us hiding in the shadows of our coils, scared that we will be shunned by other curly girls if we tell them our hidden truth. Okay maybe that’s just me. . . but either way, I promise you no one will shun you for being a lazy natural. Do what’s best for you boo!