Crocs™: The Shoes UConn Deserves

We’ve all seen them, and we all have an opinion of Crocs. Some people hate them, and others believe that Crocs are an essential pair of shoes.

Looking at the Crocs™ Classic Clog, they are detailed to be ventilated, comfortable, odor resistant, lightweight and buoyant. They come in 20 different colors.

Some people aren’t crazy about Crocs, like reviewer Mollee from Minnesota who penalized the Crocs with a one star rating, saying:

However, Mollee from Minnesota is wrong, and here’s why.

Crocs transcend functionality when compared to other shoes like canvas sneakers or suede boots. They’re waterproof, making them great to wear in the shower, at the beach or when you’re crying over exams in Homer.

They are slip on shoes, so you never have to worry about tying a shoelace ever again.

They have therapeutic bumps on the inside of the shoe, making each step like a foot massage.

Jibbitz™. You can literally decorate your shoes with cute little charms like these Disney Princesses. (Amazing).

Crocs and Socks - Possibly the most comfortable footwear combination known to mankind.


Crocs can be (dare I say) stylish! Don’t believe us? Check out this brave soul who took on the challenge of making these wonderful shoes part of her daily wardrobe.

Come on… the cuteness of this picture would not be possible without Crocs. Family goals right here.

If you have Crocs, you know all of the above are true, and that everyone should invest in a pair.

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