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Is it true? 

Can it be?

This is not a drill people. A new series has emerged on the literary scene and it’s the medieval high fantasy you’ve all been craving. The ideal remedy to your post Game of Thrones withdrawal, ladies and gentlemen, may I present, the Throne of Glass series, authored by the brilliant Sarah J. Maas. 

What’s that, you want me to give you a sneak preview of what the series has to offer? Well, only if you insist.

The book opens with our main character, Celena Sardothien, a feisty and brutal young woman whom is found working in the mines of a labor camp. While beautiful and brimming with sarcastic, quick wit, do not let Celena’s exterior fool you. Within the next two chapters, we learn that Celena is the realms most lethal and renowned assassin. Following our introduction to Celena, we meet Dorian, prince and heir to the throne. 

What is the prince doing in the salt mines of this labor camp, Endovier? He is looking for a champion to fight on his behalf in a competition hosted by the King. The winner of this competition will receive a permanent position at court, working as the King’s personal assassin, and shall be pardoned from previous, criminal act. 

I’ll quench your burning curiosity and just say that Celena does, in fact, accept the prince’s business proposal and leave the labor camps to fight for her freedom, even if it comes at the cost of working for the man who put her there. 

Now here’s where the real story begins. 

Buckle up kids because this the Throne of Glass series is one heck of a ride. 

Don’t worry, I won’t ruin anything for you! The series is simply too fantastic for me to even consider giving one spoiler. However, I will provide a little sampler. Here are some things you can look forward to in the Throne of Glass:

  • Brutal battle scenes
  • Fast paced, meticulously crafted plot lines 
  • Demons, witches, magic, spells…(a plethora of mythical goodness)
  • Salacious romance 
  • Fantastic humor and dialogue
  • Inspiring (an understatement) characters or various genders and sexualities
  • A struggle for control of the realm
  • The rising and falling of monarchs 
  • Almost anything you can imagine, really.

As you can see, the series has something to offer for pretty much everyone. Whether you’re looking for GOT level plot lines, Titanic level romance, Marvel level battle scenes, SNL level sarcasm, or Harry Potter level emotions, this series has a bit of everything.  

Like the GOT series, you can expect a lot of violence, dark magic, fantasy, and smut. A distinguishing difference, Throne of Glass is written to a slightly younger audience. Don’t let this lead you to underestimate the series, though, for it’s just as mentally riveting and enticing. For those of you who have read the GOT books, you’ll notice Throne of Glass is easier to read and focuses on a handful of main characters instead of following many different plot lines uniformly. If you’re just a fan of the HBO show (which is notably different from the novels), you’ll find Throne of Glass to be very similar to GOT, but not as sex heavy.

For more on the differences between GOT the show, and the books, click here.

In summation, if you like magical beings, medieval fantasy, GOT, sexy romance, and lots of violence, I would adamantly direct you to the Throne of Glass series. (Not to mention, this is the perfect fall/winter read. You’ll understand why once you read them). 

Well, that’s all for now folks! Visit here to read more Throne of Glass reviews.

If you have any book suggestions following this medieval high fantasy theme, comment them below. We’ll be wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate and reading the latest edition to the Throne of Glass series, Kingdom of Ash. Happy reading! 

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